Professional day-to-day administrator and program manager for U.S. congressional and non-profit offices. Specialties include HR administration, personnel recruitment and management, technology systems administration (Windows 10 migration, virtual server maintenance, enterprise administration, and mobile device administration), and business and economic development (stakeholder advocacy and policy coordination, market research, business plan development, and business process management). Outward facing communicator with a reputation of influential leadership, community engagement, diversity inclusion, and building collaborative working groups.

Strategic Planning ♦ Strategy Implementation ♦ Community Engagement ♦ Service Delivery Optimization ♦  Process Optimization ♦ Microsoft Word ♦ Microsoft Excel ♦ Microsoft PowerPoint ♦ Business Development ♦ Community Organizing ♦ Window XP, 7, 8, 10 OS ♦ Macintosh OS ♦ Salesforce CRM ♦ HR Management ♦ Growth Planning & Implementation